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101 KITCHENER ROAD, #02-08,JALAN BESAR PLAZA, Singapore 208511


Company Profile

GM Employment Agency Pte Ltd is a leading employment agency in Singapore. When the employers seeking Indian skilled workers approach GM Employment Agency Pte Ltd, we are able provide the necessary manpower for immediate induction into their workforce. These workers are selected based on their skill sets. These workers are well trained and qualified at our own indigenously built facilities at Chennai, India.
We excel in the workforce skilled in Plastering and Bricklaying. We can provide the manpower with these skills to the required companies, for immediate induction into their workforce.
GM Employment Agency Pte Ltd has obtained the valid license from Ministry of Manpower, Singapore to provide manpower supplies to companies operating from Singapore. We have also acquired valid license from the Government of India to train the manpower and to export such trained manpower to Singapore.
GM Shiptech Training Pvt. Ltd. India, provide training related to skills required in a Shipyard. It has obtained the trust and recognition from various Singapore based companies. It is also certified by BCA Singapore for providing training in Shipyard related skills.
When we supply the manpower to industries and companies operating in Singapore, we make the necessary arrangement to get permit such as the ā€˜Sā€™-pass, Employment Pass etc. that are required as per the immigration policy of Singapore.
We make all the necessary arrangements for the local companies to visit our Chennai based training centre and select the candidates via direct interview.