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First of all, what is a triathlon? Swimming - Bikes (The bike here is a bicycle) - It is a competition that runs continuously. Distance is short: 1.5 km of swim + 40 km of motorcycle + 10 km of run (Olympic Distance), Sprint: half the distance of short, Long: 3.9 km of swim + 180 km of motorcycle + 42 km of run (called Ironman Half: Half: Long half distance and kind are various and countless races are done throughout the year throughout Japan and all over the world. Also, there are various types of exercises that you can change by switching to a mountain bike.
I think that it is usual to first think about the image "Triathlon seems to be very difficult. However, once you start triathlon you will not be able to measure its fulfillment and achievement. In addition, it is certain that it is difficult to carry out the 3 kinds of events in a well-balanced manner, not to mention the race and training, but I think that it will be even more enjoyable to overcome the difficulties.
Well, the next stage is a shop to cheer for those who work hard for such triathlons. Of course, we support only athletes who only swim and only motorcycle running. It is a shop located on the coastline called Wakaura of Wakayama city. It is the best environment with a 5-minute walk to the sea. It is a small shop, but please come visit us.