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To address the ever changing world of work today and to meet the challenges of a competitive market place, an organization faces a variety of issues to place the right people having adequate skills in the right jobs. Hiring the best person among thousands is key to operate the business remain competitive.

Professional Recruitment Pte Ltd (PLRPL), a dedicated manpower recruitment consultancy aims to provide fast, efficient, cost effective and quality service guide for the range of staffing solutions including direct recruitment, permanent or temporary placement services across all divisions and departments of your company with its pool of global networks, centralized data base and advertising channels.

We represent clients from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from small and medium sized enterprises in all industry sectors to the world’s multinational corporations. We act as a bridge between job seekers and employers aiming to successfully match both of their needs.

Talk to us today and let us find the right and cost-effective solutions to empower you and to win in the changing world of work.